Whole House Water Ionizer


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Whole House Water Ionizer

The Whole House Water Ionizer provides pure water through ionization for your entire home, thanks to patented technology that mimics nature. Structuring and ionization of water occurs in nature when water cascades down a waterfall or along a mountain wall. As it flows along rocks, water absorbs energy and absorbs mineral frequencies.

Structuring and ionizing water converts the charge of water molecules with the result that water is split into smaller units. The water can then absorb more oxygen, minerals and nutrients. You benefit from increased hydration and a more efficient absorption of nutrients!


  • HIGH QUALITY WATER. Many people want to think more consciously about their health and adjust their lifestyle accordingly. A common first step is to drink more water. Little do people know that you absorb more water bathing and showering than drinking.
  • In addition to a healthy lifestyle and diet, drinking, bathing and showering with the right water helps you detoxify, purify and de-acidify your body. Your health, well-being and vitality will improve noticeably. It is even possible that various health complaints and diseases diminish or even disappear completely.
  • Structured water promotes nutrient bioavailability and inhibits pathogenic pressure at the same time.
  • PREVENT POISONING AND ACIDIFICATION. You probably don’t mean to, but drinking, bathing and showering in tap water contributes to poisoning and acidification of your body. This can even lead to cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, for example.

Water Purification Features

  • Install inline after the home’s water source for best results.
  • The purification happens immediately.
  • The filter is washable and reusable for easy maintenance.

Product Specifications

Download PDF Spec Sheet (1.4 MB)