healthier Animals & Profits

Freshlight’s technologies help animals by boosting their immune systems, balancing their hormones, and reducing the amount of illness, stress, and antibiotic use. Use of our products allow animals to remain calmer, less stressed and results in better feeding habits.  Our solutions provide Vitamin D via Ultraviolet A (UVA) and Ultraviolet B (UVB) lighting for animals to process in their bodies as calcium and phosphorus, helping them become stronger and healthier from birth.

chicken poultry

Perfect Poultry

Freshlight products cleans the air and water of ammonia, dust, and pathogens resulting in less stress on the birds, better digestion, an improved immune system, and an increase in normal behavior.

Negative ionization reduces the threat of airborne viruses and pathogens while full spectrum lighting assists in balancing the cortisol levels of birds. 

Improving the overall health of the birds offers many benefits including reducing agitation and pecking. Better feed conversions, improved mortality rates, and a decrease in illness and need for antibiotics/medications results in better meat quality and increased profits.

Hog Heaven

Freshlight lamps provide natural daylight while purifying the air with ionization technology resulting in less ammonia, fine dust, odor, bacteria, viruses, and loss of animals. With cleaner air in the barn both animals and humans breathe easier. 

white and black cow on green grass field during daytime

Dairy Delight

Freshlight combines full spectrum lighting with negative ionization to clean the air of particulate matter, pathogens, and ammonia decreasing the need for antibiotics while increasing the comfort of the animals with natural lighting. The overall stress felt by cows decreases resulting in milk production increases.