Full-Spectrum Lighting

Not All Light is Created Equal

There is no doubt that the light bulb remains one of the greatest inventions of recent history and has made our lives easier in many ways.

Though there are different options available for artificial light, they don’t all offer the same widespread light spectrum as sunlight. In fact, fluorescent and LED lights often only emit blue light, while incandescent bulbs produce red wavelengths.  

Choosing a bulb with a limited spectrum can affect the way our bodies work and the way plants grow. 

Best LED Bulbs on the Market

To solve these issues, we created a lighting technology that mimics the sun to 97% capacity, bringing you the benefits of the sun, minus the sunburn. 

Natural sunlight is healthy for you. It is the reason that you feel fitter in the summer than in the winter. Sunlight ensures that you produce vitamin D3, improves the functioning of the heart and blood vessels and ensures stronger bones. Sunlight also affects your mood in a positive way.

Using the broadest light spectrum on the market, our Full-Spectrum LED lights provide Ultraviolet A (UVA), Ultraviolet B (UVB), and Infrared (IR) to people, plants, and animals.

In people, UVA and UVB is processed as Vitamin D3, giving you an energy boost with more serotonin. Extra Vitamin D3 also enhances your immune system, keeping you healthier. Our light will help balance hormones within your body, reduce the number of cortisol stressors, reduce stress, and help you remain calmer.

While our Aurora LED Light Bulb is perfect for residential use, the LED Light Panel, HDT LED Light w/Ionization and the HBS LED Grow Lights take center-stage in all other industries. Because these commercial products require some initial consultation to size appropriately, we do not sell them via our website shopPlease contact us for more information. 

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Around the world, FreshLight’s lighting products benefit people, plants and animals. Give is a call to see how our lighting can help your business gain at advantage.






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