Transform Your Workplace

Replacing artificial lighting with Freshilight products brings daylight inside, providing employees with essential Vitamin D while negative ionization removes dust, bacteria, and viruses, including COVID-19. Cleaner air and employees with more energy leads to less missed work due to illness. 

Bring full spectrum lighting and negative ionization into your workplace environment today to improve employee health and increase overall productivity.


  • Less power usage
  • Pure brighter light
  • Negative Ionization purifies the air for a healthier environment


  • Reduces dust particles
  • Ceiling to floor, better lighting solutions
  • More efficient lighting reduces the risks of accidents


  • High quality lighting provides consistent maintenance practices
  • Negative Ionization purifies the air of harmful dust and VOC’s


  • Full spectrum lighting helps reduce stress and fatigue
  • Provides vitamin D which mimics the sunlight to help you feel better
  • Negative ionization eliminates Covid19 and other harmful viruses to 99.87%