EMF Protection

You Live in EMF Soup!

Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) are areas of energy, or radiation, invisible to the naked eye. EMFs fall into two categories and come from various sources. 

Extremely low frequency EMFs can come from sources such as electrical wiring, power lines, and electrical appliances such as electric blankets, shavers, and hair dryers. 

Radiofrequency radiation is commonly found in telecommunication equipment and devices such as laptops, tablets, portable wireless devices, smart meters, and cell phones.

Today, we are more exposed to more EMF radiation than ever before and the level of exposure increaes daily. It’s important to be aware of EMFs we are exposed to and any potential harm they may cause.

Electromagnetic fields in the home, their sources, and effects on health. Click for full screen.

Ready to Clear the Air?

Our Silver Frequency Stickers are programmed with frequency/energy waves that provide protection against harmful EMFs. 

Place these stickers on your Wi-Fi devices, smartphones, main electrical box, computers and more to clean and transmute the disharmonic fields surrounding you. 

Unlike most EMF protection products on the market, these stickers are programmed to last several years as long as they are not physically damaged. Keep them dry and intact (like under your smartphone case) and they will continue to do their job.