Commercial Water Ionizers

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Commercial Water Ionizers

Commercial Water Ionizers use cutting edge technology to purify the unseen structure and energy of the water you count on the way nature intended. The restructuring and ionization of water happens in nature when water flows over a waterfall or along a mountain wall, smashing it into smaller particles. This allows the water to absorb more oxygen, energy, minerals, and frequencies.

This increased biological availability of nutrients allows people, animals, and plants to absorb and metabolize this water faster than unstructured water, leading to better hydration, reduced burden of impurities, and improved overall health.

For commercial applications, we have a variety of stainless steel ionizers that will handle the proper gallons per minute to protect your products, equipment, staff, and customers.

Because these commercial products require some initial consultation to size appropriately, we do not sell them via our website shop. Please contact us for more information.


Water Purification Features

  • Easy ownership. No filters, or parts to replace.
  • Quiet operation with no moving parts.

Commercial Water Ionizers are Recommended for

  • Agriculture & Horticulture
  • Schools/Universities
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Water Treatment Facilities

Product Specifications

Download PDF Spec Sheet (938 KB)